HORROR MONTH ~ Your ultimate Reading Guide

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Ghosts, vampires, creepy clowns and the walking dead are just what you need for the perfect horror story!

With Halloween fast approaching, here is your Ultimate Guide to October Reading:


Or try…

All time favourite Horror novels from the King of Horror Stephen King

Not scary enough?

Ask a Library staff member to recommend a heart stopping, hair tearing, skin crawling Horror story that is right for you!

Happy Halloween!

Ms. Ambrosini 


Winner of the 2017 House Reading Challenge!

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We are so proud to announce that CARMEL has officially WON the OLMC House Reading Challenge for 2017! ~ having read the MOST amount of book pages! What an AMAZING effort by all our readers… Climbing from third place to first is definitely a success that is well deserved!! 🙂 We’re sorry MERCY, you came first place for a while and had almost won the competition, but we still think it is such a fantastic effort! MCAULEY & LORETO, you came so close in divisions! Thank you girls for all those last minute cards you brought in… every page we counted made all the difference!  🙂

TERM 4:  The excitement continues!!!
To launch the last term of reading for the year, we will be hosting a special MORNING TEA to celebrate our highest readers in the competition! A selection of our ‘top reading’ students will receive a special invitation to the morning tea! PRIZES will be awarded to 2 students selected from each house!

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful efforts… We can’t wait to announce who our top readers are and celebrate the best reading achievements of the year! Remember, the reading needn’t stop there, come to the Learning Commons before Friday to stock up your holiday reading collection… We hope you all have a very happy & relaxing holiday!! 🙂
Ms. Mammone 

Bake & Book Sale ~ Fundraising Success!

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We had a wonderful afternoon on Wednesday with our “Bake & Book Sale” for Book Week 2017!  With an assortment of delicious home-baked sweets and a collection of fiction on sale, together we raised a total of $164.70 for donation to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Thank you to all the lovely students & staff members who participated and supported the event. It was wonderful to have some of the girls helping us out with the sale, doing such a great job by assisting to distribute the cakes & keep a tab in counting up the money we received at the end, too! Here’s a few snaps of the goodies… Enjoy! 🙂  
Miss Mammone 





Launch of the House Reading Challenge!

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We are very excited to announce our official launch for the 2017 House Reading Challenge Competition! Beginning Monday 22 May, all Students & Staff will each receive a record card in morning Pastoral class and pigeon holes…This card has all the details you will need to get you started! Remember ~ the more you read, the more points you will help contribute towards your house score! There will also be individual prizes for a selection of Top Readers from each house…If you are unsure which book you wish to read first, come speak with one of our lovely library staff today…We would love to help you get started!  Stay tuned along the journey for our score tally…Happy Reading and Good Luck ~ May the highest reading House win!
Miss Mammone 🙂