Review: War Horse

Joey, a thoroughbred horse, starts off life as a working horse in England but quickly finds himself confronted with the battlefields of Germany during World War I. War Horse is a re-released novel by British children’s and young adult author Michael Morpurgo and is a tie in with the movie directed by Stephen Spielberg. It is a tale of the special bond between Joey and a young boy named Albert and is told from Joey’s perspective. 


Joey as a colt is sold to an often bad-tempered and drunk farmer. Luckily for Joey, the farmer’s son Albert loves and cares for Joey. However Albert’s father sells Joey to the British Army to be trained as a cavalry horse during World War I. Albert is devastated and pledges to find Joey. At 16, Albert enlists in the British Army, but lies about his age in order to find Joey.


War Horse is a beautifully written story and is an engaging read for students in Years 7 and 8, but is equally enthralling for adults. The 182-page book is broken up into 21 short chapters making it easily accessible to students.

War Horse the film will be released on DVD on May 2, 2012. Check out the movie trailer below.

Mrs Morris.


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