Between the lines

Delilah, a loner hates school as much as she loves books—one book in particular. In fact if anyone knew how many times she has read and reread the sweet little fairy tale she found in the library, especially her cooler than cool classmates, she’d be sent to social Siberia . . . forever.To Delilah, though, this fairy tale is more than just words on the page. Sure, there’s a handsome (well, okay, incredibly handsome) prince, and a castle, and an evil villain, but it feels as if there’s something deeper going on. And one day, Delilah finds out there is. Turns out, this Prince Charming is not just a one-dimensional character in a book. He’s real, and a certain fifteen-year-old loner has caught his eye. But they’re from two different worlds, and how can it ever possibly work? (Blurb).

 A classic fairy tale with a modern twist, ‘Between the lines’ is a written collaboration by Jodi Picoult and daughter Samantha Van Leer. Two years in the making sacrificing weekends and holidays,  mother and daughter shared ideas and worked together to create a clever, imaginatively unique story of adventure, sadness, loss and laughter. With plenty of colour throughout the book, you will come accross beautiful illustrations of  the Prince on his to quest to save Princess Seraphina from the evil villain.


Years 7-8   

Average rating: 3.5 stars

Happy reading!

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