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After a twelve month break, Bella magazine is back in print as Bella Rae ~ which means beauty, wisdom and graceThis lovely Australian mag is strong, sassy and smart ~ a must have for young teenage women.  It is counter-cultural, which means it is free from negative and unhealthy influences. Bella Rae will empower girls to get real, talk about the hard things, challenge the culture they live in and choose to live with hope, empathy, intelligence and creativity. The pages are filled with a vibrant collection of expert advice, real stories, role models with substance, fashion shoots, travel adventures, beautiful glimpses of paintings and drawings by artists, recipes and quizzes! This magazine is a trustworthy resource for every girl.

Bella Rae also comes with a wonderful website! ~ Bellaraemag.com

Indulge in the delightful blog where you can select anything you wish to read, including: beauty, health & fitness, fashion, relationships, and positive affirmations and articles.
Check out this magazine for yourself from the library! 🙂
Miss Mammone


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