It’s winter…Warm up with some delicious recipes!

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Do you cooking?  Do you watch Masterchef?
Then you will simply  these delightful new books we have… from the Masterchefs’ themselves!

 Australia’s much loved Chef’s Gary Mehigan and George Colombaris create a scrumptious range of recipes for you to cook and enjoy with family and friends.  In “Your place or mine”,  together they have picked 43 of their favourite ingredients, and there is a recipe for each one!  With gorgeous photos and exciting recipes, I find it simply irresistable and wanting to try out every single one. (Even though I doubt that mine will turn out as well as theirs, but practise makes perfect!… it is all about having fun and enjoying the experience ~ not only does it taste nice but cooking can be a really rewarding experience!) 🙂 InCook with Us” – the Chefs share with us their 20 “classic cooking techniques” with 80 of their delicious recipes.
Why not get cosy this weekend? Come and check them out for yourselves…and grab your copy before it’s gone!!
Happy cooking! 🙂
From Mrs. Robinson.  (Who loves food)
P.S. Here is my “Recipe Pick” to share with you!…(Found in the book “Your place or mine” )