Apple and Rain ~ Book Review

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applerainApple’s maternal grandmother has raised her from infancy because her mother left the family to seek fame and fortune as an actor in America. Now thirteen, she longs for more independence than her loving Nana is prepared to allow, feels alienated from her father and his new family, and wishes her mother showed some interest in her.  A crush on an older boy who does not take her seriously, a nasty girl in her class at school and her best friend’s shifting loyalty add to her woes. But  when her mother suddenly returns to the quiet English seaside town and invites her to share a flat, her joy is soon felt with guilt. Apple knows how much she has hurt her grandmother’s feelings and views her mother’s smoking, drinking and messy parties critically. She is soon missing school to care for Rain, her emotionally disturbed half-sister, while her mother goes to London for auditions, and both resents and loves the little girl. Apple is sensitive and conscientious with sound principles, narrating events with vivid emotion. Poetry depicts the complex family relationships, moral and social issues. A new English teacher focuses on great poems, encourages discussion and sets written responses for homework. Apple always writes well, but submits surface-level assignments while keeping her honest, deep poems private, until the chain of events and her personal growth give her the confidence to share them in class. Apple and Rain is an enjoyable read for the sensitive at heart. Some poems are memorable, contrasting with Apple’s intense storytelling throughout the novel. Sophisticated readers will be left to draw their own conclusions about the motives of Apple’s mother and grandmother and the complexities of their relationship. This book appeals to everyone interested in the reality of teenage lives.  A warm hopeful ending will leave you wondering what is temporary or permanent…  ~ From Magpies magazine 

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From Mrs. Robinson